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all my followers need to know who this is

this makes me die a little inside.

missed by millions

aw this picture

I don’t actually know who this is.
But from what I’ve heard, he says ‘Crickey’ a lot.

Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter. He was an Australian wildlife expert and had his own TV shows, he died 7 years ago, while filming a documentary, when a stingray pierced him through the chest. He left behind his wife and children.

And yeah, ‘Crikey’ is his catchphrase. I loved this guy. RIP

HE DIED 7 YEARS AGO?! How old do I feel…

this makes my heart hurt! and holy shit 7 years already? 

Can I just talk about how much I appreciate the fact that, on this post, someone said they didn’t know something, and instead of being rude about it, someone else kindly explained it? I feel like tumblr spends so much time making fun of people if the don’t know something and I hate that it should be a pleasant surprise to see something like this.

We should work on this, in Steve’s honour.

(Source: thevaulthunter)

Great now I can not go to sleep because my cousin won’t fucking leave the living room! Like seriously?! Go to fucking bed and leave me alone! Have you not gotten the picture that I don’t want you here!?! Fuck

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